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Happy coding FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app review results

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Man Utd, Tottenham, or Arsenal fan you’re likely to be united in one aspect. If you love football then there’s a strong likelihood you’re also enjoying the new FIFA 15 game. We’ve been bringing readers news on the mobile apps and now have results from a Fut 14 Coins app review.

The above app for Android and iPhone has now been available for just long enough to get some first appraisals in, and it’s interesting to see how the game fares now that it focuses on one particular game mode, namely Ultimate Team. We came across a good review that will give you an idea of how the game is rated.

The free FIFA 15 UT app was played on the iPhone 6 Plus for the purpose of this review, and from the start players get packs to open (see Radamel Falcao opening here) and get to design their squads. The review goes on to give more of an idea of what the game offers and star ratings out of 5 were awarded for various aspects.

Graphics and sound was given 4 stars, while gameplay scored 3.5. Playtime was awarded 4 stars, with replay value also on 4. The ultimate overall rating was 4/5, so pretty impressive. The reviewer’s verdict is that the app offers enough to satisfy football fans, but it’s also felt that there’s still something missing. You can see the review in its entirety at here. The above screenshot shows John Terry and other Chelsea players in a match against Spurs.

You might also like to see a video review we recently shared of fifa xbox coins played on the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, or an 8-part video collection of Android gameplay. Are you already playing the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app for Android or iOS? If so, what do you think of the experience so far?

Fut Coins:Emotions in the world FIFA 15

Lionel Messi scored a Fut Coins goal, his face lit up by a smile, show from multiple angles, it is wrinkled shirt and soiled, he notes hammered the ball in his own style - running, arms outstretched. Luis Suarez at the same time misses from close range - that's seemingly goal. But no! He falls to his knees, his face distorted by suffering, has a lawn hands in frustration. But Zlatan Ibrahimovic burst into the penalty area, gets gear, one movement, and the goal! He already runs celebrate, throws his hands, and then cancels the referee the ball - offside ... On Zlatan has no face, it is something mumbling and waving hand.

You think it's all really? No, it is a virtual players in the new football game FIFA 15 from Electronic Arts have learned to live the emotions of people ... and not just positive.

Now, all 22 players on the field are able to show emotions, to react depending on the situation - an inaccurate pass, and the player upset slip on goal - he's angry, put a penalty, and the players are worried face goalkeeper is not a stone remains.

Has become more realistic - in the face of players flowing sweat, his T-shirt and shorts after a tackle is not crystal clear, they are traces of grass and earth. Field is also not perfect lawn during the match - now it traces of boots, after tackles. In the new FIFA 15 is interesting in itself do some acrobatics, such as Messi (he, by the way, will once again be on the cover of the game), to see what kind of mark will be left on the lawn.

Messi joy, disappointment Suarez. Emotions in the world FIFA 15

Changed and how the players are included in personal combat.

- Look, there are two players fight for the ball, you can now put the case to cut the opponent off the ball - says producer Nick Channon FIFA 15. - There are even some incorrect in terms of fair play action - player can grab the opponent's shirt, pushing his shoulder. But on the real field they do it! And then he can not win the duel and looks disappointed. You can feel the emotions of the players on the field and on the bench, and the spectator stands. In the visual part of the game is a big breakthrough.

All this was made possible thanks to technology IGNITE, playing it EA Sports releases for next-generation consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Also in this year's FIFA 15 will be released on the engine IGNITE for PC. Released version of FIFA 15 for systems of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but they will not be available all gaming. FIFA 15 will go on sale September 26 this year.

As for the game modes and updates fifa xbox coins, the developers while keeping them secret, promising to solve the mystery soon.