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The team’s defense is not good enough

Liverpool manager Rafael Rodgers said in an interview, he knows his FUT 15 Coins team defense in the new season’s performance is not ideal, he hopes his his disciples to be more aggressive on defense. Along with then your our website is the best site ever known to purchase the cheap fifa coins pc to enjoy the football game essentially and make sure you have the most amazing moment !Rodgers said: “the new season in the league so far we have conceded 8 goals, most of which were originally can be avoided. The League last weekend, the team started badly, and that eventually cost us.

The team’s defense is not good enough, we need to show aggression in the defensive end.”We knew his performance there is room for improvement, in addition to Tottenham, so far this season, Liverpool have not been matched with its strength performance. This situation we have encountered before. I just took over in Liverpool, there are a lot of teams, many new players, but we eventually find a way to win.”"We made mistakes in the game, we need to ensure that in the face of pressure, you still can keep a clear mind.

Because of the need to take part in many competitions, the team must set aside enough time to recover, so we don’t have much to teach the player the chance. So we need to look at the video game more, even a group discussion, in order to find a way to win.”Miranda: personnel changes affecting the defense of Ma Jing.Ma Jing the last two games lost the ball 5, guard Miranda said this is not often the case, the team is working to correct mistakes. He said in today’s press conference: “to throw 5 ball is a rare event, we work in, will be amended in the two games the mistakes, it won’t happen again.”

Ma Jing’s main defence retained the three PS4 FIFA Coins members, only Felipe move to Miranda, but the emphasis introduced more new aid team is working to integrate. “This have an impact on us, because the team needs to defend, from striker to guard. When the personnel changes, there will be lack of understanding.” He declined to discuss tactics in more detail: “tactical questions you should ask the coach.” For the two goalkeeper Moya and Aubrac, Miranda thinks they are “good goalkeeper”, rotation does not affect defensive two people.