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Happy coding FIFA is finally available Windows Phone

FIFA Ultimate Team Coins with players, real teams and leagues, landed on Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone devices with, for the first time, commentary in Italian, English, French, German, and Spanish. Starting today, you can live anywhere in the emotion of each step , shooting, and contrast with the new touch controls and have fun with 20 Xbox LIVE Achievements, the multiplayer game modes and challenges played in 34 different stages.

The famous soccer game FIFA is finally available Windows Phone , which is more free . Gambling integrates well an integrated procurement system, allowing for microtransactions as on consoles.

Interestingly the option "children's world" in Windows Phone 8 will disable system transaction, thereby avoiding the younger or older children (as our editor Semik), empty their bank accounts to buy virtual players .

Regarding the content of the Fifa 15 xbox one Coins game, that has 34 championships, 600 licensed teams and more than 16,000 players. Ligue 1 in La Liga, among others. Enough to occupy the subway, the bus or other unusual places.

FIFA 15 and PES 2015 are starting to tickle

Although still far from the release date, FIFA 14 Coins and PES 2015 are starting to tickle the fancies of players. The first rumors about fifa 14 coins the two titles in football simulation affect their day to put on the shelf. Some predict that they will see the light at the same time, exactly on 26 September but caution is always in order. As they are to clarify the rumors that the launch of a bundle with the Xbox or PlayStation 4 One. Some more information might emerge at E3 2014 in Los Angeles, the event dedicated to the world of video games organized in the month of June.

The expectation on the part of users is demonstrated by the many enhancement requests reported through blogs and discussion forums. For example, with regard to the title of Electronic Arts, is called an offside more precise adjustments in the dynamics of action, more realistic animation of the players on the field, the introduction of some countries are missing such as Croatia, Bosnia, Nigeria and Slovenia, and some clubs that now constantly take part in international competitions, such as the Bate Borisov, Dinamo Zagreb and Fenerbache.

From parts of Konami is rumored development of a revolutionary football simulator . Logical promotional apart, there are many aspects on which to hand, from licensing by the largest number of licenses for the European Championships to the creation of more complete editor.

According to Fifa 15 xbox one Coins reports by Shinji Hirano, President of Konami's European division, "the next version will be completely different. 2014 is a transition year for the franchise, so expect great things . I can not reveal certain details of PES 2015, but we ready for a great return. "