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Spain lost the match in UEFA European Championship

FIFA 15 Coins UEFA European Championship 2016 qualifying group C a focal point in the war in a nearly more than competing, Spain away 2-1 loss to Slovakia, iker casillas mistake let cook card from free-kicks, substitute kassel once levelled, stowe Hector before the final winner.

Spain competed Slovakia with three wins and a draw in the history of game 4, including 1 win 1 draw away. Effectiveness appealed leaders Chelsea diego - costa and cesc fabregas both start, iker casillas and pique also starting line-up. 14 minutes, iniesta area outside the couple curled effort wide on the right side of the column. Slovakia 17th minute lead, cook card 30 yards free-kick goal directly, iker casillas misjudgment from the feet to the ball.

58 minutes, pedro luo substituted albiol. Spain continued to pressure, but Slovakia bound backcourt 30 yards space area to no offense. The 71th minute, al kassel for silva. Spain's 82th minute equaliser, alba cross from the left, the offside trap al Sam cassell 10 yards right after the ball left-footed shot broken, 1-1. Slovakia's 87th minute winner, du rees box on the right side edge of the cross, the same substitute stowe Hector little headed home at the edge of the area, 2-1. For More Fifa UEFA European Championship matches news and cheap fifa Coins buying from The transfer news surrounding Marco Reus to Liverpool

FIFA 14 Coins With all of the transfer news surrounding Marco Reus to Liverpool at the moment, we thought we would take a look at the talk that is happening within the FIFA scene. This is a player who is in high demand at the moment and also a player that EA are expected to upgrade with their upcoming FIFA 15 player rating upgrades.

With each new release, EA’s team pick out a vast amount of players who they believe deserve a rating upgrade from FIFA 14. Some players are obvious choices, others are not but Marco Reus is a player that is almost certain to get an upgrade.

In FIFA 14, he has a decent 85 rating but some fans out there have already predicted that he will be given a FIFA 15 upgrade to at least 87. One prediction that we are focusing on comes from YouTuber KytoxHD who has provided an excellent video for us to take a look at.

It shows a potential Marco Reus FIFA 14 IOS Coins upgrade to an 87 card, meaning that he has individual upgrades to a 92 for Pace and an 88 for Dribble, which is amazing for a prospective 87 card. How The New Sprinting Feature Will Change The Game

Sebastian Enrique, producer at FIFA 14 Coins spoke to Japes during the FIFA 14 First Look event recently.

After some introductions, Enrique talked about how sprinting is being changed up in the upcoming game. He said that the average gamer is going to have to adjust their playstyles from previous FIFA games when they get their hands on FIFA 14. Asked how long it would take for a player to get the hang of it, Enrique responded that it would take as much time as it took for players to learn first-touch control in FIFA 13.

"The time it took people to learn first-touch control—it's going to take the same time to learn sprinting," said Enrique.

First touch control was a feature added in FIFA 13, which changed up the ping-pong style gameplay of FIFA 12 to something a lot more skill-oriented.

The developers are taking the same concept from FIFA 13 that they have with first-touch, and in sprinting it's now going to be called variable dribbling touches. According to Enrique, players like Messi and Ronaldo have excellent control while sprinting but not players like Puyol or Rio Ferdinand, so you'll feel that difference in FIFA 14 while you sprint with players, which was never the case in previous FIFA games.

The game now takes into account many different factors for sprinting, most, if not all of which are concealed to the player. The context matters. Essentially, whether you're being pushed or pulled, which player you're using, and so on, is going to have a huge effect on gameplay.

Enrique stated that FIFA 14 IOS Coins you'd rather not sprint with your defenders in high-pressure situations or you'll end up losing the ball. He states that the developers do not want to discourage sprinting, but they do want to make the game fair—which sprinting, in its present incarnation, throws out of balance.

Fut Coins:What is the best way in the games

The aim of players who buy Fut Coins is to get a dream team in FUT 14. The fan in FIFA ultimate team is to build a football team with super football players and win the game to get achievement. Good players is not easy to get. Players must need lots of FIFA 14 Coins to them. Then what is the best way to get FIFA 14 Coins in the game?

In FIFA 14 Coins team, there are so many ultimate teams with amazing players. It is not possible for gamers to buy all of them. There should be some tips in it? Then you will be disappointed. There is no way to get FIFA 14 Coins fast and easily. Gamers need do lots of work to get rich in the game. Give up the idea that using coins generators, card duplicators or other cheating methods people tell you to make FIFA 14 Coins.

FIFA 14 Coins Team is the next version of FIFA series which developed by EA Canada. The game will be launched on almost all kinds of platform including PC, PS3, XBOX 360 and so on. FIFA 14 Coins will import advanced data base management system, which will be closely connect ed with EA Sports Football Club. The system will include the latest football player information. Lionel Messi will return as the main cover star for all regions on the global cover, having been on the cover for FIFA 14 IOS Coins and FIFA Street.