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Happy coding Messi is back cover of the FIFA 15 game

Officially ended the World Cup, the German tanks, titles do not celebrate defeat for Argentina suffering, and the star Lionel Messi the trophy, but won outstanding performance the World Cup golden ball. Where the gold shines, EA recently announced that Messi has once again become the cover of the magazine FIFA 15, which is after Lionel Messi FIFA 13, after FIFA Coins "FIFA Street" as a cover for the fourth time.

Was as 2k 15 Durant was chosen, the game was selected cover efforts for the players and a certain strength, even though the World Cup have pity, but in September of this year we want to create brilliant in the virtual world of football. EA Sports released "FIFA15" promotional video trailer, video Suarez stood before the set pieces struggled to throw the ball.

Notices of the full version will be on June 9, EA game show EA conference in the United States, and according to the video information, as you can see, the last FIFA 15 planned on September 26, 2014 in PC / PS4 / Xbox 360 and PS3, Xbox One platform. EA FIFA 15 also said PC platform, all containing the next-gen consoles in the center of the game features, this means that the PC platform in the second year and FIFA 14 Coins IOS the next-generation consoles in sync.

Germany's Fut 14 coins all-time leading goalscorer

Germany's Fut 14 Coins all-time leading goalscorer, Miroslav Klose, has announced his retirement from international football. Less than a month after helping his country win the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ the 36-year-old has opted to call it a day.

He took his tally of World Cup goals to a record 16 during the tournament and bows out with 71 international strikes to his name. "With the win in Brazil, a childhood dream came true, I am proud and happy that I was able to help this great success," Klose told the German Football Association's official website. "I had a unique and wonderful time and many memorable moments with the national team."

Klose - who was born in Poland - made his Germany debut in 2001 and has since played in four World Cups, scoring at all of them. His goal in the incredible 7-1 semi-final win over Brazil took him past Ronaldo's 15 in the competition to make him the most prolific striker in World Cup history.

The Lazio striker, though, prefers to put the team ahead of his own achievements. "The team's success was and is always the top priority for me," he added. "I've achieved our goal with the national team but I have achieved goals I set personally too. Anyone who knows me knows I am very ambitious. The job of a striker is to score goals and it never occurred to me about records. As a striker I am always dependent on my team-mates and I give them a big thank you."

Klose bows out of the international arena with Germany having never lost whenever he has scored. With 137 caps to his name, only Lothar Matthaus has won more, and coach Joachim Low cannot speak highly enough of him. "Miro Klose is an international star. He is one of the greatest strikers there have been," he said.

"His footballing qualities; his aerial ability, his goal threat, his understanding and his tireless commitment are second to none, and yet I have barely seen a player who is so much about modesty and team spirit. For Miro it was always an honour to play for the national team and he has given everything to Germany. He will be missed as a footballer and a person and I am happy and grateful I was able to work with him."

Klose follows Germany captain Phillipp Lahm into international retirement, FIFA 14 Coins IOS with the 30-year-old having done so in the immediate aftermath of the World Cup. "We gave him (Klose) and Philipp Lahm a worthy farewell," DFB president Wolfgang Niersbach said.

Leo Messi is set to appear on the global cover

EA SPORTS today announced that Leo Messi is set to appear on the global cover of EA SPORTS Fut Coins – due out late September 2014. Falling just short after a stunning performance that saw him receive top individual honors at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the 27 year-old won four Man of the Match Awards and scored the same number of times in the tournament. Messi had 28 goals for FC Barcelona this past season. EA SPORTS is honored to have Messi lead a roster of international superstars set to appear on the cover of FIFA 15. This season will mark the fourth consecutive time that Messi stars on the cover of a FIFA title previously appearing on FIFA Street, FIFA 13, and FIFA 14.

During the FIFA 15 games development, it has received many significant changes, were in the game has been succeed to present realistic football games. While some of the changes being made in FIFA 15 seems pretty minor on the surface, when combined together they should make for a much more immersive football/soccer experience for fans of the sport and video game franchise. Give this gameplay trailer for FIFA 15 a watch and let us know which of the graphical upgrades shown you are most excited to experience for yourself when the game drops later this year.

FIFA 14 Coins IOS also improves the depth and variety of crowd animations, and attempts to remove the “copy and paste” clone effect that has been seen in previous titles. As well as unique character models in the crowds to help break up the monotony, they also react appropriately for the action taking place on the green stuff. They’ll jump to their feet for near-shots on goal, or erupt as distinct individuals when you do actually punch the old onion bag and score the winning goal. PES 2015 launches with Arturo Vidal as contained

Chile ranks among the prominent wheel game FIFA Ultimate Team Coins players competing against EA Sports FIFA.

It all starts with a match between Bayern Munich and Juventus . The improvement in the graphics and greater similarity of the players highlighted in the premiere of a new version of the game.

Production Konami chose Arturo Vidal, Andrea Pirlo and Paul Pogba to show how it will look 2015 delivery PES .

The Chilean wheel representation is sharper than previous years and its characteristic features the famous mohawk haircut.

Despite last only 48 seconds, this version Racing FIFA (EA Sports) seems to have improved their reviews. For now, we have to wait until July 3, when a new trailer for the FIFA 14 Coins IOS game that will be available to the disclosure PlayStation 4 and Xbox One . FIFA 15's Ultimate Team mode

Electronic Arts has run into some serious troubles with the coin trading in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coins mode. Essentially, the game's cash shop-oriented trading system has fallen victim to coin sellers and bot-market dealers. If it sounds like some kind of back-alley, cyber-crime marketplace... well that's because it is.

CVG is reporting that EA has decided to stop players from having the ability to trade coins in the game, noting...

“We’ll be removing Trade Offers from FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

“Although some honest players used this feature to trade with friends, it became one of the methods used by coin sellers to sell and move coins. Account phishers also abused Trade Offers by moving stolen players and coins after wrongfully gaining access to unsuspecting FUT player accounts.

“This will also address “bid bumping”, where people would try and trick others into bidding far more than they wanted for a player item. “

The company is cutting ties with the trading to curb cheaters and sellers. It seems like the sort of thing they should have known going in, but apparently they didn't keep track of incidents like Diablo III's gold selling (or any other MMO for that matter).

Previously, EA made it known that FIFA 15 would come under heavy moderation for expunging bots and coin-sellers. Given that FIFA 15 allows users to buy teams, players and make trades using virtual currency, it opens the door for middle-market purveyors to jump in and start to game the system. This is something that happens to just about every single microtransaction-based MMO out there, where gold sellers will attempt to undercut the price of goods sold on the cash shop (or the virtual currency being sold by the publisher) in order to make a profit by farming large amounts of gold and selling it for cheap.

Basically, gold farmers use bots – scripted programs that auto-execute specific actions over and over again – in order to stockpile currency. In MMOs the bot scripts usually include having the character repeatedly kill and collect the coin from a group of specific monsters. Letting the game run all day long farming reaps them a decent amount of coinage at the end of the day.

For FIFA 15, the botters were doing something similar – having bots basically buy up players for as cheap as possible and then selling them at a slightly higher price. After making so much money, the coin sellers would sell off or trade-off their earnings for real cash. These middle-market institutions have been around a while and it's a bit shocking to me that EA didn't expect to encounter them, especially after having several MMOs under their belt, including Star Wars: The Old Republic.

With larger publishers beginning to see that you can't fight the FIFA 14 Coins IOS gold farmers no matter how much you attempt to lock-down and safeguard the game, I'm curious if they'll actually shift away from coin/gold/currency trades in future games? I guess we'll find out in next year's iteration of FIFA.

fifacoinvip:'FIFA 14' and 'Killer Instinct' Headline This Week's

Both 'FIFA 14' and the 'Killer Instinct: Ultra Edition' are ultimate team coins discounted on the Xbox One until June 2, while a number of titles are discounted on the Xbox 360 until May 26. Both Xbox Live Gold and Silver members are eligible for the Xbox One discounts, though only Gold members can partake in the Xbox 360 festivities.

'FIFA 14' is cut down by 40 percent from $60 to $36 on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Xbox One exclusive 'Killer Instinct: Ultra Edition,' which comprises the full content load of the free-to-play title and a digital copy of the original 'Killer Instinct,' is discounted by 12 percent from $40 to $35, granted you don't already own the 'Combo Breaker' add-on. If you do, then you can purchase the 'Ultra Edition' at 50 percent off.

Of the discounted Xbox 360 games, 'Ridge Racer Unbounded' takes the steepest discount at 75 percent off, alongside a pair of 'Soul Caliber' games, 'Enslaved,' 'Beautful Katamari' and a number of other titles all down by anywhere from 50 percent to 66 percent.

A more detailed listing of the discounts can be found at Major Nelson's Blog, FIFA 14 Coins IOS and those in need of some extra Xbox cash can grab a gift card over at Amazon.