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FIFA in accord with Bank Soccer Worldwide

FIFA 14 Coins, in accord with Bank Soccer Worldwide (BSWW), organised a bank soccer advisers academy in Dubai from 4 to 7 November 2014 during the Bank Soccer Intercontinental Cup Dubai 2014. Capacity such as "how to be a FIFA instructor", the roles and responsibilities of a FIFA instructor, the new Bank Soccer apprenticeship manual, Bank Soccer Technical Study Group assay and new amendments to the Bank Soccer laws of the bold were a part of some of the capacity discussed.

Furthermore, on 8 November, 2014 the FIFA advisers were arrive to appear the additional day of a two day branch (7 to 8 November) area all the arresting abstracts of Bank Soccer had accessible discussions on capacity such as the club akin of Bank Soccer, FIFA Bank Soccer World Cup Portugal 2015, and ability of the sport, a part of others, were discussed, showcasing the sport's accelerated development and able access on the all-around scale, beyond all the football modalities.

"The bold today is bigger than a year ago, but we charge to accomplish the bold even better", said Joan Cusco, BSWW Executive Vice President and FIFA Bank Soccer Committee Member at the opening.

FIFA administration was present of advance and aggregate even added auspicious words, "Together we are authoritative this action the fastest growing action in the world", said Jaime Yarza, FIFA Senior Manager Bank Soccer and Futsal Competitions.

The academy included accessible discussions and went through the thoughts of every important baton in bank soccer, from players such as Madjer of Portugal, to P. Shahriari, Iranian Football Federation Head of Bank Soccer. All parties batten of their captivation in the bold and the approaching of the sport.

Nasri to abide beam anaplasty

Manchester City midfielder Samir Nasri is set to FIFA 14 Coins abide anaplasty on his beam and is accepted be out of activity for a month, Blues administrator Manuel Pellegrini has revealed.

Nasri absent the 7-0 League Cup achievement over Sheffield Wednesday in midweek due to a beam problem. And afterwards acknowledging the 27-year-old Frenchman will not be featuring in Saturday's Premier League bout at Hull, Pellegrini said: "It's austere because maybe he will accept anaplasty in the next days. I'm not a doctor but I anticipate he will be out for about one month.

"He was training but he wasn't 100 per cent. He didn't feel adequate with what he was accomplishing so the doctor absitively that was the best option. Of advance he's a actual important amateur for us and it's not simple for us to play afterwards Samir. But I never accord excuses about players that, for altered reasons, are not in our squad. We accept an important squad."

City are aswell currently afterwards midfielder Fernando (groin) and striker Stevan Jovetic (hamstring), although Pellegrini said of that pair: "Both of them, I think, will be accessible next week."

Striker Sergio Aguero and playmaker David Silva are aback accessible for Saturday's challenge afterwards knee and abate problems respectively, forth with Pablo Zabaleta afterward the achievement of his suspension. Big-money summer signing Eliaquim Mangala will be searching to accumulate his abode at centre-half accepting appear into the aggregation for the endure two games.

Pellegrini would not be fatigued on whether he angle the 23-year-old France all-embracing as a abiding first-choice, but he has been afflicted by the alpha Mangala has made. The Chilean said: "Mangala formed a lot with us afore he fabricated his aboriginal start. I anticipate that was actual important for him.

"Maybe some humans were not accommodating about why he didn't play afore but that was the best way to accompany him into the team. I anticipate in both amateur he did actual well."

FIFA 15 the best goals from Messi and Ronaldo

EA Sports has made a special edition of the best FIFA 14 Coins goals to his feet this time. Reason was the Spanish Clasico between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona on Saturday evening. In the scoresheet himself could therefore enter only stars of these two teams. Including of course Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo on track to count without any question to the top kickers in FIFA 15.

EA Sports has chosen once again best achieved in FIFA 15 goals last week. On the occasion of the Spanish top game last Saturday night, called Clásico, found only this time scoring, which were shot in FIFA 15 games between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Actually Needless to say that among the scorers among other things, the two superstars of both teams, Messi and Ronaldo are, - and in more ways. Addition, however, also met James Rodriguez, Ivan Rakitić and Christian Bale. The real Clásico was the way Real Madrid with 3 this time: 1 to decide for themselves. The Royal engaged with the victory zoom to a point on its major competitors.

If you even FIFA 15 plays and maybe even want in the 'Best Goals of the Week' from EA Sports emerge, we need only do the following: Create a video of your dream door and then invite this high on youtube. Your video however, must also meet certain requirements. So you are allowed, for example, to record not only the repetition. A more definitive statement can be found at the link in the message. Then you have EA Sports only nor the video URL, tell your account name and your e-mail address. That's it. On what system you FIFA 15 gambles, incidentally, does not matter.

AC Milan Wave Shot King Make The Teammates Crazy

In the face of promoted Palermo, AC Milan on offense can not to the state, not the ball into the 1. You could possibly are looking for the cheap FIFA 14 Coins ,and also you are always welcome to our website to get the fifa 15 ultimate team coins .Nearly a few rounds, the Rossoneri have encountered no small problem on offense, especially at the beginning of the season brilliantly Domenech condition is getting worse and worse, attacking the French too “independence” of the problem has been exposed, will he be back to the original shape?AC Milan left helpless figure.fifacoins

AC in Milan before the 2 round league tournament scored 8 goals, nearly 8 wheel league only scored 10 goals. To attack the problem first placed in front of Inzaghi, as a rookie coach, Inzaghi is the method of constant testing, in addition to location can not be in the right wing Honda Keisuke moving outside, other positions are basically the emergence of rotation. The because it can not only play the center and a winger, so the time and the opportunity to play to a little more, but the efficiency is getting worse. This game, the first appeared in the left wing position, it should be said that his performance is not capable of satisfying.

Meineiben season with a perfect start, before the League 2, French winger scored 3 goals, state of bursting, also scored a fantastic goal of heel. Everyone thinks AC Milan picked up a baby in Paris Saint Germain, Inzaghi even said: “if each visa like Domenech as, I greatly welcome.” But in afterward competition, Domenech has a as a. In the game, the French low head break, then wave shot pictures again and again, is confidence should be on their own, but blindly indulge in a personal attack, efficiency will be very poor, another aspect also influence mate emotion.

This is probably why Domenech after 12 round league tournament without reason 1 assists.”Milan sports newspaper” reporter Alisangdeluo – porky think it is time to the pressure a bit: “he freely in AC to play Milan, want to shot shoot, without considering the team’s offensive. That year in Paris Saint Germain he also because of this style, and gradually fell into disfavor, not even his position, he should attract such a lesson, of course, there are still useful in AC Milan his ability, the key to see how Inzaghi him, let him be selfless, the team may be the method a better.”

FIFA 15 Longest Video Game Marathon Challenge

A London Man try to play FIFA 14 Coins for more than 48 straight hours, which plan to set a new world record for the "longest video game marathon on a football game," and the current world record is reportedly 48 hours and 5 minutes, but Chris Cook is attempting to play for even longer.

FIFA 15 Longest Video Game Marathon Challenge

Cook, a community manager at GamePointsNow/GameKeysNow announced today that he will make the record attempt to raise money for the Special Effect charity, an organization that helps people with disabilities through video games.

"I've been playing FIFA games since they first started way back on the Mega Drive, so couldn't think of a better way to raise money and awareness for a truly amazing cause," Cook said in a statement. "As someone who has seen firsthand how gaming can help enhance lives, I could not think of a better charity to lend my support to."

Cook's attempt at the world record will take place the the gaming-themed Loading Bar in Dalstone, North London between November 5-7. The event is open to the public, where you can make make donations and watch as Cook plays match after match of FIFA 15.

Alternatively, you can donate to Cook's campaign online through this JustGiving page.

The FIFA 15 world record attempt will be streamed live through Twitch here. The event organizers add that people will have a chance to challenge Cook to a FIFA 15 match throughout the marathon session.

FIFA is moving further and further away from your ideal

FIFA 14 Coins is the most realistic model of virtual football to date. But for those who grew up with the glory days of lightning fast passes and 35 yard rockets into the top corner of the earlier FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer iterations, FIFA is moving further and further away from your ideal.

The player models have also been updated, again looking better than ever before and are increasingly getting near to photorealism. The big stars such as Messi and Ronaldo are incredible both in game and in close up replays. I do have to point out though that the arms on some players look odd, making them appear top heavy and of course players further down the football pyramid will look nothing like their real life counterparts. This year also sees a full license with the Premier League – this means that all twenty clubs have their stadiums faithfully recreated in the game.

There's a sublime game of football in here, but overpowered goalkeepers and a lack of innovation sour the experience. One of EA’s big pushes has been the evolution of goalkeepers. What wasn’t explained was ‘evolution’ referred to humanity. These are T-1000s. Their shot-stopping is unbelievable. Couple this with the nerfing of most finishing to the level of which world-class strikers can’t finish their dinner, it leads to too many 0-0’s with over 20 opportunities. Like heading in 14, keepers are overpowered and in need of urgent fixing.

The key to FIFA 15 is its accessibility; tactical options are simple but effective, giving the impression that you are making vital changes with very little effort. Football Manager it is not, nor does it pretend to be. Menus are bright and clear, easy to follow and understand with limited jargon. This isn’t good enough. EA knows how successful FUT is, but that's not to say the rest of the game doesn’t need updating. FIFA 2014 World Cup included some great ideas, like Pro rivalries and integrating training drills into career, neither of which are present.

Earlier today EA was charging for the FIFA 14

Earlier today EA was charging for the FIFA 14 Coins and UFC demos on Xbox One. This, it said this afternoon, was an error.

Both demos were listed at £3.99 when before they were free. Now they're free again.

EA issued Eurogamer the following statement: "The price associated with the FIFA 14 and EA Sports UFC demos was due to a technical error. Both demos have now been fixed in the Microsoft store."

Fury as FIFA finds a field of dreams in China

Images of a beaming Fut Coins president Sepp Blatter and a small blue certificate in the Chinese city of Zibo proclaim it as the birthplace of football, to the fury of English experts.

A map in Zibo's Qi State History Museum shows a thin line stretching from China to Egypt, then to Greece, Rome and France, before finishing in England, commonly known as the home of football after the rules were codified there in the 19th century.

The track represents the path of football's development, according to the museum, with the certificate -- signed by Blatter -- honouring China as "the cradle of the earliest forms of football".

But international experts are sceptical of such claims, pointing to a "tenuous" link between the ancient Chinese game of cuju and the modern sport, and questioning FIFA's motives.

Despite its long supposed footballing history China's national team failed to qualify for the World Cup in Brazil later this month.

China has only appeared at one final tournament, in 2002, when they lost all three of their group matches and went out without even scoring a goal.

But millions of fans will be watching the tournament and in Zibo -- the modern city on the site of the ancient Qi state's capital Linzi -- football is booming.

Statues of cuju players stand on street corners and posters on bus shelters depict the supposed forebear of the modern game.

"I really like Sepp Blatter," beams Zhu Shuju, vice director at the separate Zibo Football Museum, which pays homage to the sport's history and gives huge prominence to Blatter and other FIFA officials.

"He is very popular here," she added, surrounded by images of Blatter and with a video of his speech confirming Zibo's status continuously looping in the background.

Zibo has invited Brazilian superstar Pele to open a new multi-million dollar museum later this year.

- 'Absurd' and 'tenuous' -

Different types of cuju existed in ancient China, but the competitive game still played today involves keeping a leather ball stuffed with feathers off the ground without using arms or hands, before heading or kicking it though a hole above head height.

A gladiatorial version with much physical contact emerged in the Warring States period which unified China almost 2,500 years ago, and was popular with soldiers exercising their legs after days on horseback.

But experts outside China believe there are huge differences between cuju and modern football.

"I find it absurd to suggest ancient Chinese had comparable mentalities as football enthusiasts today," Ellis Cashmore, professor of culture, media and sport at Britain's Staffordshire University told AFP via email. "So the link is tenuous."

Historians say other ball sports existed around the same time as cuju emerged, including a Greek game known as episkyros.

An ancient stone carving at the Acropolis Museum in Athens shows a naked Greek athlete balancing a ball on his thigh, and some say episkyros evolved into a game played by the Romans, called harpastum, which was then transported to Britain.

There the modern game was born when the Football Association rules, drawing on a public school mob game, were written by Ebenezer Cobb Morley in 1863, and have since changed very little.

For British historian Tom Holland, football began in the 19th century.

"I'm afraid I don't know anything about the classical origins of football, for the simple reason they don't exist," he said.

"Kicking something around is an obvious human activity," he added. "That various peoples, in various parts of the world, may or may not have engaged in such activities, does not prove that they were the originators of football."

British football author Jonathan Wilson agreed, saying that the 1863 rules "were then spread across the world by British sailors and traders".

"At no point did they come upon a local form of football that needed to be eradicated before the British game could take root," he said.

"Rather foreign cultures took on those laws and interpreted them in their own way."

- 'New territories' -

Eyebrows were raised when FIFA came out in support of China's claims.

"Blatter sees his brief to make football the richest sport in history and he has already achieved that," said Cashmore, whose book "Football's Dark Side" explores corruption in the game.

"But to maintain its commercial dominance, he needs to keep conquering new territories.

"China is obvious: huge territory, an economy that's been growing like a blur and a population that has already shown enthusiasm for the sport."

FIFA and Blatter have been criticised for several decisions in recent years, most vociferously over the controversial award of the 2022 World Cup to a tiny Gulf emirate that has immense gas wealth but sweltering summer temperatures.

British historian Guy Walters, from London's New College of the Humanities, FIFA 14 Coins told AFP: "Frankly, I'm surprised he hasn't stated that the game kicked off in the ancient deserts of Qatar."