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Fut 14 Coins:FIWC 2014 World Finals player rankings

When the whole world is celebrating the 2014 World Cup in Samba Kingdom sounded the horn of Fut 14 Coins the fierce competition, an offbeat world cup has quietly came to our side. FIFA Interactive World Cup 2014 World Finals will arrive 3 days in Rio de Janeiro started in July 2nd, a new virtual football World Championships will be born in this arena! After we greeted the 20 world top 14 FIFA game player on the World Cup host city land, we bring you the two day tournament format arrangement.

Player ranking

20 finalist of the players will be according to the seed sequence FIWC world rankings, the rankings are based on them in the past four FIFA Interactive World Cup event in the qualifying and final performance determine.

One one FIWC finals player over the ranking scores will affect their world rankings. The weight of the rankings by per year decline, compared with the more distant FIWC events, more recent performance will accumulate more points for them.

FIWC 2014 World Finals player rankings

World Rank

Player Finals Rank


Bruce Grannec



August Rosenmeier 2


Ovidiu Patrascu 3


Krasimir Ivanov



Ty Walton 5


David Bytheway 6


Adam Johnston 7


Alban Xhemajli 8


Farid Diffallah 9


Anders Bollerup 10


Steven van de Vorst 11


Michael Ribeiro 12


Irving Velazquez 13


Johann Simon 14


Jorrick Boshove 15


Marian Avram 16


Tihomir Kolev 17


Adrien Viaud 18


Julien Dassonville 19


Rafael Fortes 20

* the world ranking the same player will be through the world rankings "level to determine the winning system", the first top 2014 player FIWC will get better ranking the seeds.

The final draw

The draw were divided into four groups, each group of five players;

First gear

Second gear

Third gear

Fourth gear

Fifth gear

Bruce Grannec

Ty Walton

Farid Diffallah

Irving Velazquez Tihomir Kolev

August Rosenmeier David Bytheway Anders Bollerup Johann Simon Adrien Viaud

Ovidiu Patrascu Adam Johnston Steven Van de Vorst Jorrick Boshove Julien Dassonville

Krasimir Ivanov Alban Xhemajli Michael Ribeiro Marian Avram Rafael Fortes

Groups one

Players will be divided into 4 groups of 5 people to fight the finalists. Each group's first two into the semifinals.

The Quarterfinals

The group Q1:A first vs. B group second

One group Q2:B first vs. A group second

One group Q3:C first vs. D group of second one

The group Q4:D first vs. C group second

The semi-finals

S1:Q1 winner vs. Q2 winner one

S2:Q3 winner vs. Q4.

The Final one

S1 winner vs. S2.

For more information about FIFA, fans can click FIFA 14 Xbox 360 Coins

FIFA 15 Lionel Messi Announced For Cover Of New Video Game

Lionel Messi might have lost the 2014 World Cup, but being on the cover of one of the most popular sports video game franchises in the world is comparable.The Argentine star was announced as the FIFA 15 cover athlete on Monday.The 27-year-old is fresh off a World Cup in which he helped Argentina reach the final and FIFA Ultimate Team Coins won the Golden Ball.

As usual, EA Sports will have different covers for a few different regions across the globe, but Messi will feature prominently on every separate edition. According to IGN's Evan Campbell, this is the third year in a row in the FIFA series in which the Barcelona attacker has earned the honor. Messi was also on the cover of FIFA Street.

The FIFA series has generally been hailed by fans year in and year out as one of the best sports games on the market, so it's of course appropriate that the cover boy is one of the best players in the world. Having Messi on the cover is essentially a statement from the FIFA 14 PS4 Coins game's developers that they believe nobody can touch their product.

FIFA 14 PS3 Coins:James Rodriguez futhead insane FIFA 15 upgrade

It is an exciting time for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coins fans. EA has just announced Lionel Messi as the global cover star for the game and will soon be making other big decisions on the FIFA 15 UK cover stars and also FIFA 15 Ultimate Team player upgrades.

We have talked about certain players that are due for an upgrade, but one of the players that really stands out for us is James Rodriguez, the Colombian star who plays for Monaco and had an amazing World Cup in Brazil.

So good in fact that he ended up winning the Golden Boot for scoring six goals in the tournament. That’s not what we wanted to talk about though, as looking at the James Rodriguez Futhead stats page, we can see that this player is due an insane upgrade for FIFA 15.

Take a look at his FIFA 14 stats and you’ll see that he originally shipped with a 83 default rating in the game. However, his fantastic performances for club have resulted in no fewer than four in-form cards up to an 87 rating – he could actually be the most improved player since FIFA 14 shipped.

On top of that, his Colombia performances have prompted a further three more upgrades to an 89 and the icing on the cake – a stunning 91 card for being featured in the Ligue 1 Team of the Season.

It really doesn’t get better than that, amazing to think that a player has gone from an 83 all the way up to a 91 in one season. With this in mind, EA are certainly going to reveal a James Rodriguez FIFA 15 upgrade, the only question is by how much.

We wouldn’t be surprised if his new FIFA 15 rating was anywhere between 88-90. It’s a fairly big jump up we agree, but then you can clearly see that EA are not afraid of providing massive upgrades if the player warrants it in reality.

There’s plenty of James Rodriguez transfer speculation linking the FIFA 14 PS3 Coins player to another club such as Real Madrid too, so it will be interesting to see what happens with the player and if he can maintain his level. If you have been following this player on FIFA 14, let us know your thoughts on his upgrade potential for FIFA 15.